TTI Analytics Studio™

The industry’s most-advanced engineering analytics platform for finding key events in sensor data, powering AI/ML models and validating simulation digital twin representations.

TTI Repository™

Full-stack solution for managing and analyzing engineering data at the edge, the data center and the cloud, saving time and money while improving product quality.

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Modern ingenuity and innovations come with a massive amount of data. How much of your time is spent gathering data when you could be driving more innovation?


Viviota provides powerful software that automates sensor data management and intelligently manages engineering data, AI/ML model assets, and analytics code accelerating innovation for global engineering teams.

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DIAdem Tools+ is used by leading Automotive and Medical Device Customers and works to enhance your existing installation of DIAdem with a wide range of powerful and time saving features for any DIAdem user, from beginner to expert! 

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Engineering customers are automating time-consuming, resource-intensive, data and analytics management across their organizations to increase efficiency and profit, and leaving Engineering to work on engineering innovation.

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