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Founded in 2016, Viviota Inc. is a venture-backed software company, located in Austin, Texas. Our powerful software seamlessly manages engineering data assets, automates and accelerates analytics–reducing costs and improving time-to-market for new products in the Automotive, Aerospace, Advanced Medical Device, Energy and Semiconductor sectors.

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Our Product

Our innovative software family, Viviota Time-to-Insight, dramatically simplifies data  complexity and accelerates analysis at the edge while operationalizing data and analytics asset management across global teams, bringing newfound opportunities for collaboration. Time-to-Insight fully integrates into existing design, simulation, prototyping, and test environments–releasing the full potential of engineering  data–and accelerating time-to-insight and innovation. 

Our Origins and Mission

Viviota was founded by data experts from NI (formerly National Instruments) who understood the accelerated growth of engineering data in edge environments and unique engineering analytics requirements required new ways to automate data management and accelerate analytics. With early success helping customers to accelerate engineering analytics by 10x—cutting analytics time from 10 hours to less than 10 minutes—Viviota explored other ways of delivering value to engineers and expanded its mission to include uniting data, models and analytics assets across global teams, bringing new collaboration and spurring innovation.

Our Team

Our leadership team is composed of technology innovators, startup veterans, and Fortune 1000 executives. Viviota’s roots are in developing solutions for engineers and as such Viviota software uniquely addresses the challenges engineers face where traditional IT solutions have fallen short. This DNA has brought rapid innovation to engineering teams, providing agility and improved ROI to customers.

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Viviota knows that strong partnerships deliver strong and complete solutions to customers. We are proud to be  an NI SystemLink Specialty Partner and a member of the HPE Partner Network. We work with resellers and systems integrators to bring robust solutions that solve the most difficult data problems engineering teams contend with. 

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