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X-Crash Crash Test Analysis Software

Crash tests and active safety tests are central to the development of vehicles and their components. Crash tests provide verification that required safety standards and protection criteria are met or exceeded. They also encompass vehicle and component tests for optimizing safety systems within defined target areas and for reinforcing development strategies. The challenges in the area of vehicle safety are constantly increasing in complexity and call for testing and analysis systems of the highest quality.

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Automotive Safety Testing—X-Crash is one of the world’s leading standard systems for analyzing vehicle safety tests. Standards organizations including European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) rely on X-Crash: all accredited crash laboratories in Europe use X-Crash software for analysis and reporting. The analysis software supports automobile manufacturers, suppliers and crash laboratories in analyzing and documenting all types of safety tests.

Crash Dummy Testing—Vehicle manufacturers with their own dummy labs and certification labs appreciate the functionality of X-Crash ATD. Software developed for the certification of dummies.


measX crash specialists work closely with standards-defining institutions, such as Euro NCAP. measX receives early information on the development of new standards and participate in the efficient implementation of test procedures.

Standards for Data Exchange

Standardization improves collaboration and ensures high-quality results for crash testing. The data exchange format ISO MME (Multimedia data exchange format for impact tests) ensures that heterogeneous test data can be saved in a uniform format. X-Crash experts from measX, have participated in the development of this standard. Test data and descriptive information about the test are automatically retained. This metadata allows quick retrieval of data records at any time. X-Crash contains functions to make the generation and use of ISO MME data structures as simple as possible, and it also supports ISO MME version 2.0. X-Crash supports data exchange in the standard data formats of ISO (EGV) and DIAdem. Access to other data formats and databases, such as ASAM ODS (VSIM), can also be used.

  • QuickView, QuickEdit and QuickCalc Modules—Combined with X-Crash, these modules offer powerful functions for interactive data viewing and editing as well as manual calculation of channels and result values.
  • Standards-compliant Analyses at One Click—The standard package contains a comprehensive library of formulas with predefined analyses and reports aligned with international crash regulations, laws and evaluation methods, such as Euro NCAP.
  • Rapidly Create Analyses—In addition to the analysis algorithms included in X-Crash, project and customer-specific macros are created, without special programming hurdles, using Visual Basic Script (VBS) or DIAdem functionalities.
  • Better Overview, Efficient Processes—The macro library is clearly structured. The standard area with the included analysis macros is maintained by measX. The company structure, project and user area may be organized as desired. Standard measX X-Crash and user created macros can be managed. Special analysis macros can be set as defaults for any test type.
  • Automated Processes­—The analysis processes are automated and users can intervene at any time to make adjustments. For fully automatic analysis can be controlled by a process database.
  • Comparative Analyses—With automatic channel search, entire test series can be easily compared—even a different impact side or driver position—and produce a single report on the comparison.
  • Individual Reports—X-Crash provides numerous analysis functions, general and tailored for the various regulations. The analysis results are presented in clearly organized reports with cover sheet, table of contents and results summary. Standard or special layouts can be implemented. A wide range of output formats is available for the reports, such as PDF, PowerPoint, PNG, JPG or EMF.
  • Proven Standards—X-Crash is based on the standard software DIAdem from National Instruments in combination with the development platform measX X-Frame. Comprehensive basic functions include interactive automated data processing, supplemented by customizable options and functionality tailored to crash testing.