Viviota Time-to-Insight Studio™

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Supercharge Your Analytics

Viviota Time-to-Insight Analytics Studio™ (TTI Analytics Studio™) is purpose-built for product development engineers wanting to leverage simulation, AI/ML models and other advanced analytics techniques. TTI Analytics Studio takes the labor intensive steps out of the process, accelerating product development speed and innovation while lowering costs.

TTI Analytics Studio automates analytics workflows from data load to output and includes built-in information extraction features for KPIs, Event Detection, Model Featurization, Analytics Automation and Report Generation.

Automate Analytics Workflows from
Data Load to Output

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Power-up Your Analytics


TTI Analytics Studio’s powerful information extraction features include Event Detection, which gives engineers the power to do automated advanced data forensics. By marking and tracking KPIs, engineers can compare and contrast events across time, models, or other key variables—even isolate data sub-sets around event markers for deeper analysis.


KPIs are the cornerstone of system modeling, traditional and Machine Learning. With TTI Analytics Studio identify and measure KPIs and automate KPIs value flow to management and data scientists.


TTI Analytics Studio supports thousands of file formats, provides integration with common engineering data management systems and APIs for integrating reporting, dashboards and other analytics outputs to other systems. Built-in data integration include: NI DataFinder, SQL, ASAM ODS.
Search Engine: NI DataFinder, Elasticsearch, Apache Solr
Analytics: NI Analysis Server, Tableau, NI DIAdem, MATLAB, NI LabVIEW, Python, C/C++

TTI Analytics Studio provides engineers with a scalable tool to analyze large amounts of data quickly and effectively. Intelligent server parallelization reduces analysis time by up to 90%. Multi-step workflow automation from data load to output.

Scaleup Your Analytics with Powerful Server Parallelization—Cut Processing time by up to 90%

TTI Analytics Studio

Most-advanced accelerated analytics & data management software for Edge environments

Aerospace Power Quality Testing

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Reduce test-time from months to minutes

Accelerating Analytics

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Major automotive OEM accelerates analytics by 10X