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Viviota is committed to dramatically simplifying data management complexity and fully integrating into your existing design, prototyping, and test environments—releasing the full potential of your sensor data—and speeding your time-to-insight and innovation.

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Time-to-Insight Software Suite

Sensor data is exploding and outpacing the ability for engineers to mange and analyze it. See how Viviota Time-to-Insight Software Suite can help your team make sense of sensor data.

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Automotive Solution Brief

Learn how Viviota TTI helped a major automotive manufacturer address data inefficiencies while improving test data quality. 

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North American Truck Manufacturer Solution Brief

Learn how Viviota TTI helped a major truck manufacturer standardize test data to make it easily accessible to multiple engineering teams and easily integrate existing engineering tools with TTI.

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Aerospace Solution Brief

Learn how a world renowned wind tunnel testing services facility implemented a new edge-based computing system with Viviota Time-to-Insight software suite.

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Advanced Medical Devices

Learn how an advanced medical device company accelerated analytics at the edge dramatically improving product time-to-market. 

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X-Crash Brochure

Crash tests and active safety tests are central to the development of vehicles and their components.

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