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The world is moving faster than ever, which means your global Engineering teams have to move faster, too. Wasting time with aging infrastructure, siloed engineering data and re-inventing analytics is not just costing you money; it’s giving your competition an opening to overtake you. 

With today’s vehicles designed and built with over 30,000 components, relying on over 100 micro-controlled units means creating massive amounts of engineering data. Data that needs to be organized, analyzed, and managed to help deliver a vehicle that’s innovative while meeting all regulatory requirements.

This data tidal wave is why we created our powerful data and analytics management solutions for the automotive industry. Digital transformation is everywhere, and if you can’t find a way to aggregate and monetize your data, you may just get left in the dust. 

Viviota Time-to-Insight™ Software Can Help

Viviota empowers automotive manufacturers and accelerates analytics cycles for improved time-to-market by reduced manual analytics curation and data management time for global engineering teams.

How we do it is simple: we’ve created a best-in-class platform that knows your analytics and data needs and has what it takes to help you manage and analyze your data, reduce time-to-insight and accelerate your time to market. 

Viviota does this in two ways:

We built our solutions with your teams in mind.

What can you build once your analytics and data management are automated?

Learn how we helped a major North American truck manufacturer create universal data access.

Today, manufacturers need powerful data management solutions to accelerate engineering analysis and innovation. Engineering teams want shared access to comprehensive reliable data and open interfaces that allow them to use their existing analysis software. Additionally, engineers need to unlock all their for analysis to reduce costs and improve product time-to-market.

Major NA Truck Manufacturer Solution Brief


Learn how we helped a Fortune 50 automotive manufacturer get 10x faster analysis & reporting with TTI Edge.

Today, manufacturers need powerful data management solutions that accelerate engineering analysis and innovation. Engineering teams want open interfaces to use their existing analysis software and tools and shared access to comprehensive reliable data. Additionally, Engineers need to unlock all their data for analysis and reduce costs and improve product time to market.

Global Automotive Solution Brief​


Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use
The Pitfalls of Data Management and Analysis

With increasingly global engineering teams, the automotive industry is waging war: the battle to leverage analytics and data assets across global teams. Global engineering teams should be able to share extract the most value from the massive data resources coming from any platform all at once. 

Digital transformation promises to eliminate manual and time-consuming data management and replace it with automated analytics and data workflows freeing Engineers to do higher-value work. 

Many automotive companies are facing efficiency challenges because a process for collaborating and sharing analytics and data assets is not in place. This leads to loss opportunity and lost revenue.

Does Your Business Have the Solution?

Aging Infrastructure

While engineers design products “built to last,” your analytics infrastructure might not be. With digital transformation and the accelerated rate at which we can gather and transmit data, your older systems may be keeping you from operating more efficiently and effectively.

Too many data sources

When faced with data problems engineers have had to orchestrate their own solutions. While this type of problem-solving gusto is crucial in your fast-paced environment, it would be better spent on the engineering problem at hand, and not on analytics and data workflow management.

Lengthy analytics cycle-time

Because analyzing data from multiple platforms across the globe is such a time-consuming task, your global engineering teams are focused less on the next step and more on what the current effort has yielded. Slow analytics cycles lead to slow progress, a lack of innovation, and a loss of revenue. 

Viviota Time-to-Insight Repository

The bottom line is that all of these challenges lead to a loss of productivity and loss of revenue. Your teams can’t move forward confidently without good data. 

With Time-to-Insight Repository software you’ll be able to able to move forward confidently with the knowledge that you’re leveraging your analytics code and assets to the fullest and sharing data to whomever has the need for value. Leading to profitable enterprises. 

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