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With innovation moving at an ever-faster pace, it’s essential your engineering analytics and data management processes are set at warp speed and are scalable to serve the needs of your entire team. Having a scalable platform supporting accelerated analytics at the edge, wherever that may be, is crucial to staying competitive.

How do you build a scalable process to unify your analytics and data assets wherever they are and eliminate manual work affecting cycle-times and slowing product time-to-market to a snail’s pace?

Viviota Time-to-Insight Can Help

With Viviota TTI software, we can provide real solutions to your slow analytics cycles and data management problems.

How we do it is simple: we’ve created a best-in-class platform that knows your engineering analytics and data needs and has what it takes to help you manage and analyze your data, reduce time-to-insights and accelerate your time-to-market.

Viviota does this in two ways:

When you improve all aspects of your data and analytics handling with Viviota, what will you build with the time you’ve recovered?

Reduce analysis and reporting time by 10x

Today, medical device manufacturers need powerful engineering data management solutions that accelerate engineering analysis and innovation. Engineering teams need open interfaces to use their existing analysis software tools, coupled with shared access to comprehensive reliable data. This enables engineering teams to unlock all their data for analysis to reduce costs and improve product time-to-market.

A strategic objective of a multi-billion-dollar advanced medical device company was to bring products to market more quickly while reducing R&D costs to maintain a competitive edge. The R&D group assessed their organization to determine areas where they could drive new efficiencies.

Learn more about how we helped a multi-billion dollar advanced medical device company improve its data analysis and speed its product time-to-market.

> Helped free engineers from time-consuming engineering data management

> Improved test cell capacity utilization

> Easily find and access test data across time & tests

> Dramatically reduced their need for retests

Solution Brief​


Build a strategy with Viviota Time-to-Insight

Viviota TTI Analytics Studio

TTI Analytics Studio (TTI Studio) is a scalable platform that combines high-performance data management with accelerated analytics to free engineers from time-consuming out-of-date methods of managing engineering data.

Flexible and Extensible

Close the gap in your data management strategy with TTI Edge’s flexible and extensible software platform. TTI Analytics Studio is compatible with thousands of file types, connects to numerous database standards, and interfaces to popular analysis tools such as NI DataFinder, NI DIAdem, Mathworks and more.

Find your Data

Help your engineers search and preview data files and create queries to search metadata—find, view, and compare files and data channels.

Data Prep

TTI Analytics Studio has a highly customizable interface for importing data from multiple data channels. Standardize, convert, and enrich data for leverage across your global engineering team.

Analytics Automation at the Edge

Reduce analysis time by up to 90% with parallelized data processing.

We built our time-to-insight solutions with your challenges in mind.
What will you be able to make with the time you get back?

Viviota Time-to-Insight Repository

With Viviota Time-to-Insight Repository (TTI Repository) you’ll be able to able to move forward confidently with the knowledge that you’re leveraging your analytics code and assets to the fullest, and sharing data with whomever has the need for value leading to profitable enterprises. TTI Repository works for both on-prem and cloud deployments to optimize data and analytic workflows for your global engineering teams.

Engineers can:

Improve your competitive position. Easy to deploy. Easy to use.

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