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Accelerate your data analytics

Increase collaboration across globally distributed engineering teams.

Spend less time managing data and analytics and more time focusing on innovation.

According to an NI study, over 40% of validation engineers’ time is spent managing test data. That means 40% less time is spent on analysis, insights, improvements, and ultimately getting products to market faster.

The challenge is twofold: How do you accelerate data and analytics assets management to get the job done, and build a scalable solution to support collaboration across globally distributed engineering teams?

Viviota works with semiconductor engineering teams to overcome these challenges. Using Viviota TTI software semiconductor engineering teams can keep their data operations organized and efficient driving profitability.

Help your engineering teams:

Simplify your data and analytics assets management, speed analytics cycles, and increase global collaboration across your engineering team.

Accelerating Test Analysis and Semiconductor Outcomes

Engineers in the semiconductor industry are challenged to keep up with tight deadlines and ever-increasing complexities in chip design, production, and market requirements. One key investment area in the engineering process, where real efficiencies can be found, is the post-silicon validation process. To speed this process, engineering teams are working to become more agile in their approaches using more frequent, but smaller, test and iteration cycles in the pre-production process and looking at a broader set of data from across the product lifecycle to give designers and engineers a more holistic view of the products they are developing.

Data Challenge — Engineering Test Data and Analytics Management

Semiconductor validation teams need better software for managing validation data and supercharging their analytics. Engineers need ways to accelerate test and iteration cycles in the pre-production process. To do this they need access to a broader set of data from across the product life cycle.

Learn more about how we can help accelerate test analysis and semiconductor outcomes.

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Accelerating test analysis and semiconductor outcomes

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Viviota Time-to-Insight Can Help

The complexities of even the most basic engineering data management can be daunting. Engineers still find themselves manipulating data manually, and even sorting spreadsheets. A massive amount of engineering time goes toward finding and prepping data leaving less time for analysis and gaining deeper insights—work that really matters—to improve products and get them to market faster.

Viviota TTI Analytics Studio

With TTI Analytics Studio (TTI Studio), we’ve created a scalable platform that combines high-performance, server-based search, and analytics acceleration for engineers to handle their enormous data sets.

Compatibility and Customization

TTI Analytics Studio fills the gap in data and analytics management offerings with its flexibility and extensibility. TTI Analytics Studio is compatible with thousands of file types, connects to numerous database standards, links to popular software tools, and utilizes your pre-existing IT security protocols.

Data Preparation

The data prep module provides a highly customizable interface for importing data from multiple channels. Users can standardize, convert, and enrich data to help make data assets easier to find and use. This unified engineering data is added to an internal search engine so your global engineering teams can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Data Discovery

TTI Analytics Studio provides an easy-to-use interface that helps users search and preview indexed data files and create queries searching flexible metadata. This allows engineers to easily find, view, and compare files and data channels.

Analytics Automation

TTI Analytics Studio provides your teams with a scalable tool to analyze large amounts of data with intelligent server parallelization, which helps reduce analysis time by up to 90%.

We built our solutions with your teams in mind. How far can you go once your data management and analytics are automated?

Viviota Time-to-Insight Repository Solutions

Made for both on-prem data centers and cloud deployments, our Viviota Time-to-Insight Repository (TTI Repository) optimizes data and analytics workflows for your global engineering teams.
Users can:

Automate data and analytics workflows and increase collaboration

Your engineers are challenged to keep up with fast-approaching deadlines, market competition, and the ever-increasing complexity of chip design, production, and market requirements.

Your engineering teams must become more agile in their approach and find ways to automate and analyze large amounts of data in a shorter span of time to speed up these processes.

Accelerating your iterative design and testing process with digital transformation

Global semiconductor competition is fierce, and there’s no time to waste. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, semiconductor manufacturers need to design, develop, and deliver their products to market as soon as possible by optimizing the iterative design process. This way, they can help lower costs, gain efficiencies, increase performance, and improve product time to market.

TTI Repository offers a better user experience by providing a single point of access to engineering data and analytics assets, wherever they reside. The flexible, dynamic metadata schema provided by TTI Repository gives engineers the rich data context they needed to access all relevant data and reach reliable conclusions more quickly. TTI Repository also provides a single user interface from which to run analytics using your current set of engineering tools.

With TTI Repository, your digital transformation will reduce time spent on data aggregation and management and give back time to spend on higher value engineering functions to get products to market faster and more profitably.

Prepare for the next wave of digital innovation with:

With all this in mind, it’s mission-critical to ensure your global engineering teams are set up for success by staying ahead of the competition without compromise.

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