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Powerful Solutions for Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Advanced Medical Devices and Semiconductor Manufacturers

Ready to accelerate your engineering process and realize significant ROI?

Let our powerful software seamlessly manage data and analytics assets to accelerate analysis for your global engineering teams. Viviota Time-to-Insight (TTI) helps reduce costs, accelerates your product’s time-to-market, and increases your ROI.

Let’s help engineers focus on what’s ahead and leave the data and analytics management to automation. Get clear, clean data and analytics that power innovation–without wasting time in manual data aggregation and analytics curation.

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Viviota Automated Engineering Data and Analytics Management Solutions

Automotive Manufacturers

Invest in a solution that organizes, analyzes, and manages data and analytics to help you deliver a production vehicle that meets federal regulatory standards and releases your engineering team from hours and hours of tedious, manual data gathering. Share analytics assets across your team for consistent outcomes.

Today’s automobiles and commercial trucks are designed and built with more than 30,000 components, and manufacturers rely on hundreds of micro-controlled units and electronic sensors to capture terabytes of engineering data. This is data chaos.

Viviota helps automotive manufacturers speed analytics cycles for improved time-to-market and reduced manual data aggregation and analytics curation time for their engineering teams, both locally and globally.

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

Let our powerful Aerospace solution process and analyze the enormous data sets collected in harsh edge environments, like wind tunnels, where engineers and scientists should focus on work, not the process of manual data collection.

Aerospace technologies demand continual improvements and evolution to meet the ever-changing needs for commercial, military, and space aviation advancements. Not only are high-precision sensors required to monitor thousands of aircraft parts and components in the field, but FAA requirements must also be strictly followed.

With this much data, how is your team supposed to keep up with management, analysis, and advancement without automation? Viviota Time-to-Insight (TTI) helps aerospace and defense companies get to critical insights 10x faster with less resource use, so your team is always ten steps ahead.

Advanced Medical Devices

Increasing the efficacy of your engineering process and reducing your product’s time-to-market is an essential part of the competitive, fast-paced industry of advanced medical devices. Viviota Time-To-Insight (TTI) helps improve analysis processing by 10X and lowers costs as it helps speed up your product-to-market timeline.

Medical Devices cover a broad range of applications like cardiovascular, orthopedics, dentistry, general surgery, radiology, hospital patient room equipment, and home healthcare products. Not only do advanced medical devices require rigorous testing, simulations, and analytics to meet FDA approvals, they must all meet the stringent manufacturing, clinical, and regulatory requirements. 

Viviota Time-to-Insight (TTI) helps you organize and normalize your engineering data across global teams, free engineers from time-consuming data and analytics assets management, and improve your test cell capacity. Are you ready to drastically reduce the need for retests?


Energy demands are high, and they’re not getting less demanding any time soon. That’s why it’s critical to have a solution that can create end-to-end automation to help accelerate your data analyses to help you find ways to derive more energy from our precious resources.

More than ever, there is a demand for a fast-paced way to gather and analyze terabytes of data. Many engineering teams are scrambling to aggregate data from separate sources and platforms and find a way to analyze them quickly and effectively to help produce quality analyses and actionable next steps. 

Viviota Time-to-Insight helps energy customers tame their data chaos by creating an automated, end-to-end data and analytics assets collection, management, and accelerated analysis solution. Are you ready to leave behind manual collection from multiple sources?


The need for IoT devices, semiconductor chipsets, and circuitry requires the crunching of Big Data and a fast but efficient process so you can find bugs and anomalies before your product heads to manufacturing.

Semiconductors are under unique pressure to produce microelectronics and occupy an important place in today’s technology-dominant marketplace. Engineering test data and analytics management are critical to ensuring innovation never stalls.

Viviota’s Time-to-Insight software accelerates your test analysis and semiconductor outcomes. Our end-to-end solutions will automate your automated data and analytics workflows for increased collaboration across your global engineering teams.

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