Viviota Time-to-Insight Safety™

Manage Crash Test Data & Analytics

Automate Safety Data Management
& Compliance Reporting Analytics

Viviota Time-to-Insight Safety (TTI Safety™) brings Automotive OEMs the world’s leading software solution for the evaluation of vehicle safety tests. TTI Safety provides end-to-end management of your crash test data and analytics.

In partnership with measX, we bring Automotive OEMs a combined solution that includes industry leading measX X-Crash software and Viviota TTI.

Viviota TTI is purpose-built for engineers and provides a powerful back-end server-based backbone for managing engineering data, analytics code and models—automating test engineering workflows and speeding your time to decision.

X-Crash automates safety compliance reporting leveraging up-to-date sets of vehicle safety requirements as defined by the major automotive safety regulatory organizations worldwide.

Available Analytics and Reporting Modules:

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Viviota TTI Safety

End-to-End Management of your crash test data and analytics


Leading software for crash and active safety tests analysis

X-Crash Advanced HIC

Option for Model-based Evaluation of Head Injury Risk